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Marine Life Ghostly Creature Discovered In The Deepest Reaches of The Ocean Between Indonesia And The Philippines

By on Nov 25, 2010 in Animals, Science, World Comments
Spindly species found in ocean's crushing depths
Image Credit: L. P. Madin WHOI

A squidworm, a gossamer, ghostly creature as described by the news reports was discovered in the deepest reaches of the ocean between Indonesia and the Philippines. This was revealed on Wednesday by the scientists as reported in Space Daily.

According to reports, the squidworm is 3.7 inches in length. It swims upright and navigates by moving two body-length rows of thin paddle-shaped protrusions, that cascades like dominoes.

The marine life that was discovered has ten long tentacles and sometimes it is much longer than its body stick out of its head. It also has six pairs of curved nuchal organs that allow the ghostly creature to taste and smell underwater.

Reports said that the unknown creature was found in the Celebes Sea by marine biologists at a depth of 2.8 kilometers.

According to Karen Osborn of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California, the animal was so different from anything previously described, with the fantastic headgear.

Squidworm, Ghostly creature
Image Credit: L. P. Madin WHOI

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