Marie Osmond remarries ex-husband Stephen Craig, wears the same wedding dress back in 1982

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Marie Osmond remarried her ex-husband Stephen Craig, and wore the same wedding dress she wore on their first wedding back in 1982.

Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig married again,
on May 4, 2011

Image Credit: Marie Osmond/Globe/People

According to entertainment news sites on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig got married again that day after they got married in 1982 but divorced three years later.

American actress and singer Marie Osmond, 51, and former basketball player Stephen Craig, 54, had one child, Stephen James Craig, who was born on April 20, 1983.

“I had a dress all designed [for this wedding] and when it showed up it was not [right].” Marie Osmond told Entertainment Weekly (ET), referring to the wedding dress she wore on their first wedding nearly 30 years ago.

“I can’t breathe, but I’m in it.” Osmond jokingly told Mary Hart of ET about her wedding dress, which was designed by Ret Turner.

Interestingly, the actress told reports that it was their son who helped them to be back in each other’s arms again; as May 4 is also the birthday of Marie‘s late son Michael and late mother.

“I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children,” Marie Osmond was quoted as telling People.

The couple was married at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple in a private ceremony and the reception was held in their home at Nevada.

Marie Osmond married Brian Blosil on October, 1986 and had two children and later adopted five more. On March 2007, they announced that they were divorcing.

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