Mariana Trench explorer James Cameron talks about his world’s deepest point journey (Video)

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Film director and Mariana Trench explorer James Cameron talked about his journey to the world’s deepest point via submarine Deepsea Challenger, on Monday, March 26, 2012, as shown in the video below.

James Cameron, inside the Deepsea Challenger,
on his way to the depth of Mariana Trench

Image Credit: National Geographic video

According to a post by National Geographic on its official website that day, “Titanic” director James Cameron have safely returned after reaching the world’s deepest point at Mariana Trench, with a depth of 10,898 meters (35,756 ft.).

“Falling through darkness—that’s something that a robot can’t describe. Most importantly, though, is the significance of pushing the boundaries of where humans can go, what they can see and how they can interpret it.” James Cameron was quoted telling to National Geographic after his return.

“I lost hydraulics toward the latter part of dive, and I was unable to use the manipulator arm,” Cameron added, who roughly spent two and a half hours in diving the depth of Mariana Trench in western Pacific and about 70 minutes returning back to the surface of the ocean.

“The important thing is that we have a vehicle that’s a robust platform—it gets us there safely, the lights work, the cameras work, and hopefully next time the hydraulics will work.” The 57-year old ‘Avatar’ director explained further, emphasizing that Deepsea Challenger is a prototype vehicle that needs more time for the bugs to be fixed.

As reported earlier, James Cameron became the first man to reach the depth of Mariana Trench in 50 years, after Don Walsh, then a U.S. Navy lieutenant, and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard made it on January 23, 1960. Nevertheless, the movie director is the first man to go in a solo mission.

James Cameron talks about his journey to world’s deepest point at Mariana Trench
Video Credit: NationalGeographic/YouTube

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