Maria Gomes Valentim Guinness World Records New Title Holder For The Oldest Living Person

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Maria Gomes Valentim
Maria Gomes Valentim World’s Oldest Living Person
Image Credit: Guinness World Records

Maria Gomes Valentim, a 114-year-old from Brazil is the new Guinness World Records title holder for the “Oldest Living Person.”

According to Guinness World Records website, Valentim is the first Brazilian super-centenarian to receive the title of “Oldest Living Person“. Valentim was born on July 9, 1896 in Carangola, Brazil and was married to João Valentim in 1913.

Valentim was said to be 48 days older than Besse Cooper from Monroe, Georgia, USA who was previously considered as the world’s oldest human. Cooper‘s title will now be the “Oldest Living North American,” report said.

“She says she has lived long because she has always taken care of her own life – and not the life of others,” her grand daughter Jane Ribeiro Moraes, 63, was quoted saying.

As quoted from Guinness World Records website, Valentim “eats a full roll of bread every morning with coffee, fruit and the occasional milk with linseed.” With her age, it was said that she is still able to eat completely on her own.

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