Mao Li Lives In A 6-Foot Flood Pipe For One Year (Photo)

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Mao Li Lives In A Pipe
Mao Li Setting His Pipe Home
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A certain Mao Li, 30, who recycles cans for a living in Haikou, southern China was said to have lived in a 6-foot flood pipe for a year, international news reported.

Mao reportedly installed a wood floor, door, cushions and rugs to his so called pipe home. However, Mao has been evicted from his bridge-side pad by the local authorities in Haikou.

According to reports, Mao will not be left alone without a home to stay. Authorities have agreed to rehouse him after destroying his unusual home.

“He will be taken care of and given a proper home. We are a modern city – we can’t have people living in pipes,” an official was quoted saying.

6-foot flood pipe
The 6-foot flood pipe without windows served as a home for Mao Li for a year. Image Credit:

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