Manchester Airport Holograms Staff to be added as security reminders

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Holograms staff will be added at Manchester Airport in UK starting Monday, apparently to work as security reminders to passengers, as reported at on Friday.

Julie Capper and her hologram
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According to the report, images of real airport employees will be used to create holograms and will greet passengers and remind them about liquid restrictions and their boarding cards.

Apparently, recordings of two Manchester Airport staff namely Julie Capper and John Walsh were the first ones to be used and will be positioned at Terminal 1 of the airport, which was also said to be the first hologram staff in any airport in the world.

This airport staff hologram used was developed by Musion, a 3D hologram company which also which created the holograms for Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz band’s live performances.

“We’ve developed this technology for many uses but it’s perfectly suited for an airport environment where the support of recorded messages can help with passenger information.” Musion founder James Rock said on the report.

“If our holograms help our passengers through the security process even quicker then it will be a good thing.” The real Julie Capper said.

“I have to say it’s strange to see yourself in virtual form and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to rely on my virtual self to carry some of my workload. I wonder if I can send it to meetings in my place and whether anyone will notice.” Ms. Capper added.

On the other hand, the real John Walsh said that the liquid restrictions often times create confusion to a lot of their passengers which needs a lot of time explaining for them, and therefore slows down the flow of customers and activities inside the airport.

Meanwhile, other airports in UK were said to be conducting a study to also possibly this holograms staff.

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