Man-woman handshakes banned in Somalia district controlled by al-Shabab

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Man-woman handshakes was banned in a Somalia district which was controlled by an Islamic group named al-Shabab, according to BBC News on Friday.

In addition to man-to-woman handshakes ban, news said that men and women in Jowhar who that related to each other were also not allowed to walk together or talking to each in public.

Apparently, the conservative new law has been implemented for the first in the said area, in which the al-Shabab administration will penalize anyone who will disobey which will be according to Sharia law.

Nevertheless, BBC Mogadishu correspondent Mohamed Moalimuu reported that offenders will most likely be beaten in public.

Among the conservative laws which were earlier implemented by al-Shabab in the area they controlled include the banning of music.

Since 1991, Somalia was said to have not enjoyed a stable government; while UN-backed government apparently only have limited control that include some parts of Mogadishu and a few other areas.

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