Man Swept To Sea Near Point Reyes Beach Trying To Save His Dog (Video)

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Dog is really man’s best friend. This was proven by a man swept to sea while trying to save his dog in a Northern California beach on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2013.

Charles Quaid and his wife was walking along the beach, near Point Reyes, when a wave of water washed off their dog. The area was reportedly about 30 miles northwest of San Francisco.

According to the Coast Guard, the couple tried to rescue the dog but the husband ended up being swept by strong sea waves. The wife and dog was able to reach the shore safely with the help of rescuers who witnessed the incident.

However, rescuers were not able to grabbed Quaid due to the strong waves that immediately swept him into the sea.

Search and rescue operations was launched by the Coast Guard. Two of their boats and two helicopters were dispatched in the area.

Video report on the man swept to sea while trying to save his dog
Video Credit: CBS News

The lifeless body of the 59-year-old Quaid was found after a three hour search.

Witnesses described the narrow beach waves to reach over 20 feet during high tide.

If you are a dog owner, will you be risking your life as the man did?

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