Man sues cat owner for $100,000 over alleged vicious attack, accused woman may be his wife

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An Illinois man sues a cat owner for $100,000 over an alleged vicious attack, and the accused may be his wife, if their statuses on their Facebook profiles are being considered accurate. According to Chicago Sun-Times this Monday, April 1, 2013, the accuser is William Baxter and the defendant is Christine Bobak.

house cat

A house cat (Not the cat mentioned in this report)
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Based on the report, Baxter lives in Homer Glenn, Chicago and has filed the case in Will County Circuit Court on Friday, March 22, 2013. The lawsuit said that Christine‘s cat “viciously attacked” William on April 22, 2011, while he was trying to feed the feline inside his home.

Mr. Baxter reportedly claimed that that he was bitten by the cat on his ring finger and suffered serious injuries, adding that he was also clawed on his left arm. He was said to be seeking a $50,000 for each of the two counts. A court hearing is being set to happen in this coming July 10.

The $100,000 cat attack lawsuit also stated that the woman cat owner should have realized at once that her cat was dangerous, as it was believed to have attacked at least one other person before the incident. Both of them were living in separate house when it happened

And while it was not made clear as how William Baxter and Christine Bobak are related, further reports investigation said that the two might be husband and wife. Mr. Baxter‘s Facebook profile indicates that he is married to a certain Chrisy Baxter. So far, his latest post was dated March 27, but it was not about the cat attack case.

On the other hand, Chrisy‘s Facebook has no mention about her relationship status and her Facebook posts are set to private. However, her profile page says she is also living in Homer Glenn, Chicago, and her profile picture shows her cuddling a baby on her ride side and a young girl on the left side.

As of this writing, there is no official statement released by each of them. Reports said that no one from their residence could be reached for comments. Nevertheless, a lawyer for Mr. Baxter said that the issue will be best talked about inside the courtroom.

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