Man saved by cop from incoming train at Puerta del Angel station in Madrid, caught by CCTV (Video)

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A man was saved by a cop from an incoming train in Madrid and was caught by CCTV, as believed to be first reported at BBC News on Saturday.

The CCTV footage video which was released by the Spanish police, showed a man falling off on the path of a railway at metro train station in Madrid.

According to BBC News, the man was under the influence of alcohol when he fell off the rail, while passengers who saw him started to panic, screaming, and waving as they also saw a fast-approaching train.

Then suddenly, a man who was believed to be an off-duty policeman went down immediately and pulled him off as much as he could.

As seen in the video below, the police came just in time as he saved the drunken man, merely split seconds before the train passed by.

A Spanish newspaper named El Pais reported that the man was 41 years old, and the incident happened at Puerta del Angel train station, BBC said.

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