Man fries egg on car dashboard in Oklahoma, as Central US heat waves continue (Video)

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An Oklahoma man fried an egg on his car dashboard recently, as shown in the video below, as heat waves in various parts in the Central US continue.

Egg fried on car dashboard in Oklahoma
Image Credit: Chris McBee/

As noted at CNN on Thursday, July 14, 2011, Chris McBee, a resident of Norman, Oklahoma, was able to fry an egg on his car dashboard which the temperature reached up to 181 degrees.

Apparently, McBee put the egg in a frying pan and left it inside his car and was done after about an hour.

“I tried it; I didn’t think it would work, it’s been this hot before…I (fried an egg) last year where I just did it on the concrete.” McBee was quoted on the report.

The National Weather Service (NWS) earlier issued a heat advisory and warned the public on possible heat illnesses and gave health tips as a 100-degree heat or higher is being expected.

Meanwhile, NWS reported on Sunday, July 17, that a combination of very hot temperatures and high humidity has created dangerous conditions in many parts across Central U.S.

Apparently, temperatures in these places will be around 100-110 degrees or higher in the afternoon and even at night, and could possibly reached to as high as 126°F reported in parts of the Upper Midwest.

Man fries egg on car dashboard in Oklahoma
Video Credit: Chris McBee/

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