Man adopted at 32 in California, after he was separated from foster parents 20 years ago (Video)

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A California man was adopted at the age of 32, after he was separated from her foster parents for more than 20 years. Maurice Griffin, who was adopted by the Lisa Godbold and his husband when he was only 13, is now legal member of the Godbold family. A CNN news report video is available below.

Lisa Godbold adopted 32 Maurice Griffin

Lisa Godbold and Maurice Griffin, talking to CNN
Image Credit: CNN video

According to a report at CNN today, Saturday, March 16, 2013, Lisa and her late husband adopted Maurice Griffin from an orphanage near their home in Sacramento during the 80s. He lived with the family for around four years until he turned 13, and had wonderful with them and their two sons, Gideon and Spencer.

“We were best friends. We’d run around, we did mischievous things and fun things. It was a good time.” Griffin told CNN. He is now a muscled and sports-minded man and wearing a mohawk hair. The legal adoption was around two months closer that time, when the unexpected happened.

As noted in the report, Griffin unintentionally told a social worker that his foster parents are spanking him. Nevertheless, he emphasized that he is not complaining of being spanked, and that he likes to be disciplined like a real son. This is when foster officials removed Maurice from the family.

“You can’t spank foster children. Maurice very much wanted that. We wanted him to feel like the rest of our kids. And there was a difference of opinion with some of the (child welfare) supervisors.” Godbold was quoted as saying, whose husband passed away in 1998 and later remarried and changed her last name.

Maurice Griffin said that he later lived in different foster families, and that he and Lisa have been searching for each other for years, but failed. It was not until 6 years ago that they started communicating with each other after they found themselves through social media.

And after years of effort in fighting for the right to adopt Griffin, Ms. Godbold finally won. Judge Richard Monroy, during a proceeding in San Diego Juvenile Court this Friday, approved the legal adoption of Lisa to Maurice.

News report on Maurice Griffin, the man who was adopted at 32
Video Credit: CNN

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