Man, 70, marries 15-year-old: Man married girl for $20K dowry (Video)

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A man, 70, married 15-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia after paying her family $20,000.

Dr. Hadi Al-Yami, head of Asir, made the revelation on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. Asir is reportedly a Saudi government supported branch of the Human Rights Commission.

The anonymous 70-year-old man confirmed the dowry to CNN after the parents of the girl took her back.

Reports say that a conflict between the man and his teen wife may have forced the girl to return to her Yemeni father and Saudian mother. The girl is reportedly from Al-Hurath village in Jizan province, in southwestern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen.

Al-Yami explained that his office is already investigating the reported marriage selling. His group will be extending all the necessary help that the girl needs if she tried to get out of the marriage.

Human rights groups in Saudi Arabia is proposing that any individual below 18-years-old must secure a consent from the court before they get married.

However, any proposed law that will provide a ceiling age on marriage is being opposed by conservative religious groups.

Dr. Suhaila Zein al-Abedin, a member of the Saudi National Association for Human Rights, said that,

When you consider the very large difference in age, it looks more like this was not a marriage, but like the girl was sold. The girl’s parents need to be held responsible for this.

Forced marriage continues in many countries.
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