Male Depression in the 21st Century, Likely to Increase Globally

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Experts say that male depression in the 21st century is likely to increase globally, including the US, due to the existing economic recession. As reported by science news sites, March 2, 2011, the reason for the impending increase would be because of various employment lay-offs and unavailability of “manly” jobs.

The social culture is partly responsible for this problem as society usually expects men to be the breadwinner of the family, and when men are not able to fulfill this role, it makes them feel a failure. This would lead to depression and loss of self-confidence. Men who take in jobs which are traditionally not considered “manly” or “successful” can also create a feeling of failure that can lead to male depression.

The extreme, is for some men not to be able to find a good job and is forced by circumstances to stay home and be a homebody, working on household chores he was not used to. The concept that he is tasked to do chores below his skills could lead to male depression.

The increasing number of suicides in the West, Japan and other countries has been alarming psychiatrists that male depression help centers are offered offline and online.  Society should re-adjust its perception of the male role and to make them understand that it is not embarrassing to work on a supposed-to-be woman’s job.

The acceptance of society on the new role that thousands of males would be assuming in the 21st century would make them understand that they are still “macho” and successful despite assuming perceived female “roles.”

Love, acceptance and a positive attitude would help a lot to prevent male depression and suicides in the future.


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