Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane, Flight MH370 Search Enters Second Day

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Missing Plane

Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane
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The search for the missing plane, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, has not produced any good results as it enters its second day. Joint efforts by several countries still cannot get any trace of the missing Malaysia Airlines.

Last Saturday, March 8, 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 aircraft lost contact with air traffic controllers while cruising at 36,000 feet over Vietnamese airspace. Flight MH370, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, reportedly took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and is on its way to Beijing, China when it went missing. Reports say that 153 passengers are Chinese nationals, 38 Malaysians, seven each from Indonesia and Australia, five from India, four Americans and the rest are from Indonesia, France, New Zealand, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Austria.

Early pronouncement by Vietnamese Navy Chief said that Flight MH370 crashed in the waters of Southern Vietnam. The plane crash report was later denied by Malaysian officials.

On Sunday, authorities found that two Malaysia Airlines passengers presented stolen passports. The discovery of the two stolen passports raised speculation that the missing plane is an act of terrorism.

However, no one can still provide concrete evidence unless they see the actual plane.

The Philippines, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the US already deployed their search and rescue aircraft and ships to help determine the exact location of the missing plane.

Check out the latest news video on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane by clicking here.

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