Magnitude-7.6 Earthquake hits Kermadec Islands in New Zealand

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U.S. Geological Survey reported that New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands in the Pacific Ocean was distressed by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake on Thursday at 7:03 am according to international news sites that day.

New Zealand-Kermadec Island Map
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Furthermore, it was said that the residents were warned to avoid beaches in order to be safe.

Apparently, the volcanic mountains of Kermadec Islands were located in distant outposts, wherein a weather station and a small hotel for visiting New Zealand’s scientists could be found.

U.S. Geological Survey also reported that the earthquake on Thursday at 7:03 am (NZ time) was 48 kilometers or 29.8 miles deep.

According to reports, the Keramecs, Tonga and New Zealand were given a warning for probable tsunami damages by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, a U.S. agency.

Nevertheless, Auckland regional Civil Defense controller Clive Manly of Radio New Zealand told reports that a tsunami was not anticipated to cause damage on land.

Mr. Manly was quoted saying, “What we mean by a marine threat is that you can get quite extreme currents — so it is a threat to boats — but at this stage we are not anticipating damage to land.”

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