Magnetic Boy: Science Explains “Phenomenon”

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Magnetic boy “phenomenon” is explained by science as the supposedly magnetic boy, Bogdan, from Serbia appeared “magnetic.”  Science explains though that the child most probably has a sticky skin and is not truly magnetic.   This was reported by Science sites February 25.

Based on the properties of magnetism, a genuine magnetic skin will attract any steel object even when something covers it up, like a shirt perhaps. Bogdan could only perform the feat when he is shirtless and the objects are carefully attached to his body.

The 7 year old boy may have great talent letting objects cling to his skin that no ordinary child can do, but the question about whether his skin is magnetic or not can be solved just by making the same objects stick even with a shirt on. Magnetism is caused by two moving electrical fields.

There is a tiny possibility however that biomagnetism can play a role in this “phenomenon”. Biomagnetism; however, exists between cells inside the human body to trigger internal changes. This does not apply to external magnetisms per se though, and would not cause skin magnetism for steel objects, as assumed in the case of Bogdan.

If people are looking for an unusual feat, Bogdan can do it, but for genuine strong magnetic power, perhaps it has to be harnessed first completely before anyone can claim that a skin is, in fact, magnetic.

This video is uploaded by strikegentlyeffect, which shows Bogdan displaying the “phenomenon.”

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