Magma Ocean In Moon Io Of Jupiter Discovered (Photo)

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Magma Ocean In Moon Io, Jupiter
Magma Ocean In Moon Io, Jupiter
Image Credit: NASA

Magma ocean on Jupiter‘s moon Io was revealed by the data gathered by the NASA Galileo spacecraft, according to a report by NASA on its official website.

The Galileo spacecraft detected strange patterns in magnetic field data from the Jupiter moon. Studies made on rock samples revealed the presence of molten magma under Io’s crust.

The recent discovery of the magma ocean on Io explains the eruptions of volcanoes in the moon.

The magma ocean, estimated to be around 30 to 50 kilometers (20 to 30 miles), was discovered underneath the surface of Jupiter‘s moon.

Reports say that Io produces over 100 times more magma than the Earth. It is considered as the most active and potent volcano in the solar system.

The volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon, were discovered in 1979 by NASA‘s Voyager spacecraft.

According to a NASA statement by Krishan Khurana, UCLA lead author of the study, “Scientists are excited we finally understand where Io’s magma is coming from and have an explanation for some of the mysterious signatures we saw in some of the Galileo’s magnetic field data.”

Below is an image of moon Io taken by NASA‘s Galileo spacecraft.

Moon Io, Jupiter
Image Credit: NASA

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