Magical Garage Door, Haight-Ashbury: How the Architectural Genius Came To Be

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Magical Garage Door
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The magical garage door in Haight-Ashbury is fast gaining popularity as online users become aware of it.  The architectural genius was a product of necessity of the property owners Corey and Ben McMills. This was reported by Beausoleil Architects, the past month of March 2011.

According to Beausoleil, the McMills had a problem how to accommodate a garage and a garage door in their Victorian apartment. A recent mandate by the city planning department had limited the upgrading of the Victorian façade of houses because of their historic value.  But a garage door is a premium structure for people who live there, because of the lack of parking spaces.  The Mcmills, out of necessity, had found out that a garage could be accommodated in the ground floor of the building, but where would the garage door be?

Corey McMills, an architect himself, teamed up with Robert Boles, in consultation with the city planning department for the plan, and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards to come up with the magical garage door.  Each party was satisfied, with the McMills getting their garage door and parking space, and the city planning department and Interior’s Standards satisfied that the frontal façade is still intact, and the original building materials remain whole and undamaged.

How did they do that? The windows were converted into door panels that slide two on the left, and one on the right, to give way for a garage door.  The magical garage door would allow cars sufficient space to enter. It folds back again after, into a beautiful quaint Victorian window.

This is the video courtesy of BeausoleilArchitects

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