Magdalena From Slovakia: Two-Headed Tortoise Predicts Ice Hockey World Championship Results Like Paul, The Oracle Octopus (Video)

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Magdalena From Slovakia
Magdalena from Slovakia
Image Credit: UK Yahoo News

Rare African two-headed tortoise, Magdalena, has embarked on a new career in predicting results at the upcoming Ice Hockey World Championship in Slovakia, according to reports by several international news sites.

Magdalena was born in the northern Slovak area with the genetic defect of having two heads.

The two-headed tortoise takes her pick by moving around a small-scale model of an ice hockey rink.

The first attempt of Magdalena is that Slovakia will defeat Slovenia in the World Championship’s opening match this Friday, April 30, 2011.

Magdalena was said to be following the footsteps of Paul, the oracle octopus, who rose to fame by correctly predicting the outcome of eight successive matches in last year’s Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

According to the tortoise owner, Roman Gresak, Magdalena will not be forced to predict all the World Championship results. “She will forecast selected matches,” Gresak said.

Below is a video of Magdalena, Slovakia‘s two-headed tortoise, from The Telegraph.

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