Macy’s Parade: Confetti Tossed During Parade Was Confidential Police Documents

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Confidential Confetti During Macy's Parade
Shredded Confidential Documents
Allegedly Tossed as Confetti During Macy’s Parade

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The confetti tossed during Macy’s Parade was said to be confidential police documents, which contained incident reports, social security numbers, information about undercover officers and even banking information for police employees, several international news sites reported on November 24, 2012.

WPIX reports said, the confidential documents that were shredded are from the Nassau County Police Department.

It was discovered by Ethan Finkelstein and his friend who were watching the parade at 65th Street and Central Park West. A strip of confetti was reportedly stuck onto Ethan’s friend’s coat.

“It landed on her shoulder and it says ‘SSN’ and it’s written like a social security number, and we’re like, ‘That’s really bizarre.’ There are phone numbers, addresses, more social security numbers, license plate numbers and then we find all these incident reports from police,” Finkelstein told PIX11 News as quoted in a report.

Meanwhile, Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) Inspector Kenneth Lack said in a report that investigation will be conducted regarding the matter and they will review their procedures in disposing sensitive documents.

Furthermore, a police spokesman was quoted saying in a report that it was “too early” in the probe to confirm the validity of the documents.

On the other hand, Macy’s released a statement that they are using “commercially manufactured, multicolored confetti not shredded, homemade or printed paper of any kind in the parade and they are not aware of where that confetti comes from, as it is not something the parade distributes or uses.”

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