Macy’s catalog typo: $1,500 jewelry listed for only $47 instead of $479 (Video)

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Macy's catalog typo

Macy’s catalog typo
Credit: WFAA video grab

Macy’s catalog typo could be an honest mistake, sabotage or just a marketing strategy?

A March 2013 “Super Buy” catalog published by Macy’s, reportedly contained a typo that listed a $1,500 worth of necklace for just $47.

WFAA reported on Friday, March 29, 2013 about a mailed Macy’s catalog that contained the jewelry price error.

Macy’s clarified that instead of $47, the sterling silver and a 14-karat necklace set of jewelry should be listed as $479.

A copywriter who made the catalog mistakenly missed typing the last digit. The poor employee was fired recently, most probably due to the error.

The retailer reportedly realized the catalog mistake when a certain Robert Bernard ordered the jewelry. Macy’s canceled Bernard‘s order and a representative explained to him that “The item has the wrong price for $47. The correct price is $479 dollars and because of that pricing error, your order has been canceled and I apologize.”

Succeeding orders of the jewelry set was cancelled and an apology was issued to customers on Friday afternoon through an email to News 8 by Beth Charlton, spokeswoman of Macy’s.

When the mistake was caught, signage did go up in the fine jewelry department and on store doors alerting customers that a mistake had been made

For those customers who bought the necklace at the $47 price, they were fortunate. For the gentleman you spoke with, he was not so fortunate. We are sincerely sorry he was disappointed and unable to buy the necklace at the $47 price for his wife.

As of posting, Macy’s has not given the exact number of jewelry that were sold for just $47.

Report on the Macy’s catalog typo.
Credit: WFAA

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