Lytro unveils “magic” camera, aims to change the focus of Photography (Photos)

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Read Lytro camera sale starts, prices revealed, allows users to take photos in living pictures

Lytro unveiled its so-called “magic” camera on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, which was said to to change the focus of photography, with some of the photos taken available below.

As noted by Lytro Founder and CEO Ren Ng on its official blog, photographers and photo hobbyists alike will be able to create and share new live pictures using the Lytro camera.

According to Mr. Ng, Lytro camera promises to create a new technology in photography with the slogan “Shoot now, focus later” which will be released later this year.

This Lytro camera was noted to be capturing the entire light field and allows users to change the focus of a picture completely after they were taken.

Ng revealed that he started to love photography eight years when he was still in the PhD program at Stanford University and later raised an investment of about $50 million for this technology.

“It will be a competitively priced consumer product that fits in your pocket,” Ng said in a recent interview with All Things Digital, noting that the Lytro camera will have a reasonable price.

Apparently, the Lytro camera was said to be using a new type of sensor that gathers much more information about the light coming into the camera as compared to those from a simple digital camera.

Image Credit: Richard Koci Hernandez/

Image Credit: Richard Koci Hernandez/

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