Lynx sighting in Colorado goes viral on Facebook and Reddit (Photo)

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A rare lynx sighting in Colorado is now going viral in social sites such as Facebook and Reddit, after a retired employee of the National Park Service (NPS) saw the two lynx and took photo of them, as shown below. Lynx are medium-sized wildcats that are being considered as endangered species.

As noted in the official Facebook page of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) on Thursday, January 24, 2013, the retired NPS employee who saw the pair of lynx was Steve Chaney, and that he spotted the rare animals last weekend. The photo has now more than 8,085 Shares, 11,425 Likes, and 1,200 comments.

On Reddit, the thread titled “Rare Lynx sighting in Colorado” has now over 1,135 comments and 28,005 up votes. It was uploaded by Reddit user jj_poophouse also on Thursday, who admitted that he wishes it was his photo, and that from what he understand, it was taken at about 8:30am on Molas Pass, between Silverton and Durango.

“I live in the foothills of Colorado and I saw one of these guys in my yard last month. Went out to get something from my car and one was just sitting in the shade besides the back wheel.” Reddit user whitewaterfanatic commented on the thread, noting that he was then around 15 feet from the animal.

“It was a lot smaller than these look, so it was probably pretty young, born in the wild after being reintroduced? In any case, I had no idea they were reintroducing them back into the wild. This is great. Lynx are just awesome.” The Reddit commentator added, noting that he walked away after realizing it was not a house cat.

According to Wikipedia, there are four living species of the Lynx genus: Eurasian lynx, Canada lynx, Iberian lynx, and the Bobcat, which is also known as a North American wildcat and is the smallest among the group. In 2010, CPW announced that their 11-year Reintroduction Program of the lynx has been successful.

Lynx sighting Colorado
Lynx sighting: Two lynx, which were spotted in Colorado
Image Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

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