Lucy Brown, Owned by Nancy Brown Wins 32nd Annual Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest

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Lucy Brown, a bulldog owned by Nancy Brown, of Johnston, Iowa, won the 32nd Annual Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest which was held on Monday, April 25, 2011, as reported by .

Lucy Brown will serve as the mascot for the 102nd Drake Relays, a track and field meet that starts on Thursday at Drake Stadium.

Dolph Pulliam, the master of ceremonies, said that the judges are looking for a bulldog that is patient, and folks can come by and pet him without getting disruptive.

A total of 50 dogs competed to be named for this year’s “Beautiful Bulldog“.

Nancy Brown, Lucy’s owner, told reports that she was just hoping her beloved dog would take best-dressed honors. She attended the contest with a 1950’s motif. She was with her sons, 11-year-old Aaron and seven-year-old Colin

Bulldogs were seen having costumed with camouflage, angel wings and tutus galore.

Lucy Brown will take over last year’s winner, Meatball.

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