Loyal dog stays with wounded friend after Japan tsunami (Video)

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Miyagi, Japan – A loyal dog stays with its wounded friend, and as both of them were found after the devastating tsunami hit Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011, prompted by the 8.9-magnitude earthquake.

Japan dog stays with wounded friend
Image Credit: LNeilB2/YouTube/Japan TV

As shown in the video below featured at Japan state TV, two Japanese reporters found a dirty brown and white dog and seemed to be scared, as it approached them apparently trying to tell them something.

Apparently, the shaken Spaniel dog was seen running around the area in the ruins within Arahama area, in Miyagi, as noted in YouTube video.

Later, the dog walked away and stopped on a spot where another dog was lying and looks like it is already dead as seen from far by the Japanese reporters, with the first dog refusing to leave him behind.

But after awhile, the second dog, with white in color started to move slowly as the first dog put his body in him and seem to comfort the weaker dog, and the reporters said (in English translation provided in YouTube comments) they were happy to see it alive and wished they could be rescued soon.

The video went viral and was featured in CNN and Daily Telegraph, where they reported the two dogs have been rescued after pet advocates learned about their situation.

The white dog was said to be in a veterinary clinic in Mito, while the stronger dog is in a care shelter in the same town.

Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind
Video Credit: LNeilB2/YouTube/Japan TV

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