Loyal dog stays by owner’s grave for 6 years in Argentina (Photo)

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Capitan, a German shepherd in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina is being considered as a loyal dog, after the family pet decided to stay by its owner’s grave six years until now, as shown in the photo below; and never wanted to leave the spot.

loyal dog owner's grave

Loyal dog Capitan, sitting by owner’s grave
Image Credit: LaVos.com.ar

According to Argentinian news site La Vos on Sunday, September 9, 2012, Miguel Guzman, Capitan‘s owner, passed away in 2006, and the dog went missing when the family returned home after the funeral. Later, he was found sitting near Miguel‘s grave, and refuses to go home since then.

As noted in the report, Capitan was a gift by Miguel to his son Damian Guzman, now 13, back in mid-2005. Veronica Moreno, Miguel‘s wife said she initially did not want the dog because it will only bring extra work to them, but did not imagine that it will create a wonderful story, when his husband died on March 24, 2006.

“Then Capitan disappeared. I thought he died or he was adopted by another family. Until one day, when me and my son went to the cemetery, we found him there. Damian started screaming after seeing Capitan, and the dog approached us, and barking as if it was crying.” Veronica was quoted telling to the paper.

Veronica said they took him home but was soon gone again and went back to the cemetery. Her family wonders how the dog was able to find Miguel‘s grave, since it is very far away from their home and Veronica emphasized that no one had ever taken Capitan to the cemetery, not even during the burial.

But besides Capitan being able to find his owner’s grave, Villa Carlos Paz cemetery director Hector Baccega noted that the dog also has an unusual daily habit of lying on top of the tomb every day, every six o’clock in the evening.

“Captain runs in the cemetery with me every day. But when that time of the day comes, he rushes to find the tomb of his master. It gives us a lesson. I think humans would have to appreciate the memories of those who are going. Animals teach us so faithfully.” Baccega reportedly said.

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