Love Love Sinking Boat: French Sculptor Julien Berthier Sails Around Europe in His “Capsizing” Boat

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Love Love Sinking Boat
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The Love Love sinking boat is designed by French sculptor Julien Berthier, who became popular for his bizarre artwork.  Berthier had disclosed to International news sites, on different occasions that he had sailed around Europe and other parts of the world, in the seemingly sinking boat.

Berthier mentioned in an interview, that the Love Love singing boat is not all about “crying to the wolf.”

He believes that his masterpiece, which he created in 2007, is safe to sail in, although it looks like a sinking boat.

Because of the convincing appearance of the Love Love sinking boat, there were times that coastguards were alerted by people who have believed they saw a sinking ship, only to find out later that the sea vessel is sturdy, safe and secure.

Berthier further revealed that he had cut a sailboat in half and then applied some artwork to make the Love Love boat look like it was sinking.  He said he liked taking the boat out for the public to see, before it ends up in a museum.

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