Louisiana underwater sinkhole in Bayou Corne swallows tall trees (Video)

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An underwater sinkhole swallows trees in Bayou Corne, Louisiana and was captured on camera. The horrific scene was spotted by the Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness this Wednesday, August 21, 2013 and posted the video on YouTube, as shown below.

underwater sinkhole Louisiana

Louisiana underwater sinkhole (Taken August 1, 2013)
Credit: Assumption Parish Police Jury

According to the report on the official blog on Assumption Parish Police Jury, the deep underwater sinkhole was discovered on August 3, 2012 and was originally measured to be about 200’ x 200’, or close to an acre which is 208.7’ x 208.7’ or 43,560 square feet. Since then, they have been monitoring it closely, and it was estimated to be at least 28 acres wide.

“There has been another burp that occurred and is continuing on the sinkhole. All operations have been pulled from inside of the sinkhole until activity calms down. The monitoring/alert status has been heightened to Code 3.” The Assumption Parish Police Jury posted on their blog at 3:25 pm Central time, Wednesday.

As noted by Assumption Parish Police Jury, Code 3 means that it “restricts all work inside the containment berm, indicates seismic activity has elevated to a point similar to what has been seen in past monitoring prior to a sloughing on the shore or movement beneath sinkhole.”

At 7:15 pm, or around 4 hours later, they posted the video of the Bayou Corne sinkhole in action that was taken by OEP (Occupant Emergency Plan) officials, who can be heard shouting on the background. It only took a few seconds for the tall trees to be swallowed.

“The sinkhole continues to be active and grow,” OEP Director John Boudreaux told WBRZ.com, adding that the homes nearby are not in danger, and that they are regularly giving updates to people living near the massive sinkhole. An emergency route around the sinkhole for Highway 70 is now being planned.

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Bayou Corne sinhole swallows trees

Louisiana underwater sinkhole, swallowing tall trees(Taken August 21, 2013)
Credit: Assumption Parish Police Jury video

Underwater sinkhole in Louisiana, swallowing tall trees
Credit: assumptionla/YouTube

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