Louisiana sinkhole swallows 100-fall tall trees, keeps on getting bigger (Video)

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Read Underwater sinkhole in swallows trees in Bayou Corne, Louisiana (Video)

A Louisiana sinkhole has already swallowed 100-fall tall cypress trees, as shown in the video below, which prompted police to call for a mandatory evacuation to residents near the area to evacuate as it keeps on getting bigger. An investigation is now going on as to what really caused it and why it is growing bigger.

Louisiana sinkhole
Image Credit: CNN video

According to CNN on Friday, August 10, 2012, the massive sinkhole in Bayou Corne appeared last Friday, August 3, more than two months after local residents began to notice bubbles in the water, and a resident said that it grew bigger in number and frequency; an looked like a boiling crawfish pot.

As noted in the report, John Boudreaux, director of the Office of Homeland Security in Assumption Parish said that measurements of the Louisiana sinkhole were taken last Monday, wherein it measured 324 feet in diameter and is 50 feet deep, but it goes down 422 feet in one corner.

However, CNN said that Assumption Parish Police told them on Thursday the sinkhole has grown another 10 to 20 feet since then; with local authorities saying that a forced evacuation will be implemented if any of the dangers seem to become more imminent.

Meanwhile, the state’s Department of Natural Resources instructed Texas Brine Company, which mines the cavern, to drill a well into the cavern to see whether it caused the dark gray slurry-filled hole nearby; in which investigators are now checking whether an underground salt cavern could have cause the huge sinkhole.

News report of Louisiana sinkhole
Video Credit: CNN

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