Louie the Pig acts and plays like a trained dog (Photos)

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A nine-month old pig named Louie was said to be acting and playing like a trained dog as shown in the photos below, which also responds every time his name is being called.

As posted at Daily Mail on Wednesday, Louie the Pig is owned by Sue Williams from Porthmadog in North Wales, who has 15 trained dogs, in which the pig seems to be comfortable with.

Mrs. Williams took ownership of Louie when he was only three months old, and has taken him in some agriculture shows to perform along with her trained dogs.

Williams, 42, an animal behaviorist and a professional canine trainer, said that she started to notice Louie to be ‘thinking’ like is a dog when she is training her dogs.

“One day, when I was training my dogs, I was trying to get one to run through a tunnel,” Williams said. “Louie decided to zoom through the tunnel instead. I was really taken aback. I thought, Hold on a minute – the pig’s doing a better job than the dog.”

“He retains information quicker than a dog so, once he’s done a trick a few times; he knows what he’s doing. Plus, he absolutely loves his ginger biscuits.” Sue Williams added.

Louie the Pig, just like the trained dogs, can leap and weaves between poles, as well as running through tunnels.

Sue Williams said she hopes to see Louie one day, performing with her dogs in her Cheshire county dog display team at Crufts, considered as the world’s greatest dog show.

Louie the Pig jumps like a dog
Photo credit: Terry Kane/Barcroft Media
Louie the Pig crosses though tunnels
Photo credit: Terry Kane/Barcroft Media
Louie the Pig walks at high places
Photo credit: Terry Kane/Barcroft Media

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