Lost wedding ring in Sweden found on carrot after 16 years (Photo)

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A wedding ring by a Swedish woman got lost in 1995 but was found on a carrot in the garden after 16 years, as shown in the photo below.

wedding ring on carrot
Image Credit: Anna Pahlsson/DN.se

As noted at Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish news site, on Friday, December 30, 2011, Lena Pahlsson lost her white-gold wedding ring with seven diamonds back in Christmas Day of 1995.

According to the report, Mrs. Pahlsson took off her wedding ring that day while doing some baking with her daughter, Anna, and put it on the counter in their home at Langlet Norve, Mora but it went missing mysteriously.

The family has been doing their best to find it again; including removing the kitchen’s flooring four years ago, only to be frustrated and believed that the wedding ring might have dropped off the kitchen sink.

Mrs. Pahlsson and her husband Ola then thought that they will never be able to find it again, not until last October while she was pulling up carrots in their garden.

That day, she noticed one carrot with a gold ring fastened tightly around it and immediately called Anna, who is now 22 years old, and they were both amazed upon learning it was the missing wedding ring.

Apparently, the said wedding ring got stuck on the carrot, in which the vegetable seemed to have grown on it through time, and is now small for Mrs. Pahlsson‘s finger.

Nevertheless, the Swedish woman noted that the wedding ring will be adjusted so she can wear it again and vowed to be extra careful next time; and will put it on a safer place every time she will remove it.

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