Lost wallet 40 years ago was finally found and returned to owner (Video)

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A man who used to work for The New York Times lost his wallet 40 years ago, but was found last year near the area where it went missing, with photos and IDs still in it, and was returned to him, as shown in the video below.

Lost wallet 40 years ago
Photo credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

As reported at The New York Times on Sunday, an art director of their office named Rudolf Resta left his jacket in a closet at the old Times building back in 1970, but his wallet was gone he got his jacket again.

Forty years later, a security guard named José Cisneros assigned for the old Times building found the missing wallet while checking a gap in an unused window, which is now called the Times Square building.

After realizing that there were some IDs inside the wallet, Mr. Cisneros then gave it to Times Square building fire safety director Rafael Rodriguez, until a meeting with Mr. Resta was arranged, apparently at the same place where the wallet was lost.

Rudolf Resta, 70, who retired in 1999 but still lives in New York, became sentimental a bit upon seeing his wallet again after 40 years.

But before he got back his wallet again, he told the The New York Times what was inside when it was lost 40 years ago.

According to Rudolf Resta, the wallet contains the photos of his wife, children, and his father, along with IDs such as Social Security card and an American Express card.

Interestingly, he also remembers a newspaper clipping, apparently containing Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s eulogy for his brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy back in 1968, in which Mr. Resta still can recite the phrase that means so much to him.

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.” The phrase reads.

Lost wallet 40 years ago returned to owner
Video credit: The New York Times

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