Lost love letter delivered after 53 years late (Photo)

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A lost love letter written to a college student of California University of Pennsylvania by his then-girlfriend was finally delivered after 53 years, as shown in the photo below.

The “lost” love letter, delivered 53 years late
Image Credit: AP/California University of Pennsylvania

According to WTATV.com on Thursday, July 14, the love letter dated February 20, 1958, was addressed to Clark C. Moore and came from his then college sweetheart Vonnie, who eventually became his wife.

As noted on the report, the sender’s address is Whiteside Road in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, as the lost love letter arrived mysteriously on their university’s mail room last week.

“Shocked!” Moore was quoted on the report when asked how he felt upon learning about the late love letter, with his family members only informing him after it was featured on TV news since he now lives in Indianapolis.

“We wrote very often to one another. We didn’t have email and iPods and computers, so we did it the old-fashioned way — pen and paper.” Moore added, with the lost love letter having signed “Love Forever, Vonnie“.

Moore, now 74, changed his name to Muhammad Siddeeq after converting himself to Islam and is now divorced to Vonnie after being married for eight years and had four children.

Meanwhile, university mailroom supervisor Connie Morris reportedly said that the love letter along with a “Cal U For Life” T-shirt will be forwarded to Moore, who told her he is very excited to read the letter.

“But he said if he doesn’t get this package in the next 53 years, he’s going to file a complaint!” Morris added.

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