Lost Leonardo Painting Salvator Mundi To Be Displayed For The First Time In London

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Lost Leonardo Painting: Salvator Mundi
Salvator Mundi, Before Restoration
Image Credit: ARTNews

Leonardo da Vinci‘s lost painting discovered in a private American collection will be unveiled publicly for the first time at London‘s National Gallery as part of a Leonardo show starting November 9, 2011, several international news sites reported on Thursday, June 30, 2011.

The lost painting, named “Salvator Mundi“, which means Savior of the World, is a painting of Jesus Christ with his left hand holding a globe and his right hand raised in blessing. It is reportedly painted in oil on a wood panel and has a measurement of 26 x 18.5 inches.

The work is reportedly owned by a consortium of dealers, which includes Robert Simon, a specialist in Old Masters in New York. ARTNews magazine reported that the painting could be worth $200 million.

Reports said that the painting was initially attributed to a pupil of Da Vinci. However, an international group of experts reportedly established that it was painted by Da Vinci himself.

The painting was brought to Metropolitan Museum of Art two years ago to be examined officially. According to reports, a person close to the Metropolitan who did not want to be named said:

“It was brought in for inspection in the conservation studio. The painting was forgotten for years. When it turned up at auction, Simon thought it was worth taking a gamble. It had been heavily overpainted, which makes it look like a copy. It was a wreck, dark and gloomy. It had been cleaned many times in the past by people who didn’t know better. Once a restorer put artificial resin on it, which had turned gray and had to be removed painstakingly. When they took off the overpaint, what was revealed was the original paint. You saw incredibly delicate painting. All agree it was painted by Leonardo.”

London‘s National Gallery exhibition will run from November 9, 2011 to February 5, 2012, and will feature paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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