Lost Class Ring Of Jesse Taylor Mattos Returned By Toni Congi After Being Lost For 72 Years

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Jesse Mattos Lost Class Ring
Jesse Taylor Mattos Lost Class Ring
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Jesse Taylor Mattos, 90, was said to have lost his class ring after graduating from high school in 1963. International news reports said that he had lost the ring in a butcher shop toilet and never thought about it anymore, until Tony Congi, 52, a Dunsmuir city worker found the ring on the city’s sewer lines.

“I had it a month and I was working in a butcher shop and my hands were greasy so I took it off, and it went down the toilet and I lost it,” Mattos was quoted saying as reported by 9News.

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It was said that Congi was doing his routine maintenance when he noticed the thin part of the gold ring in the top of a bucket of debris. Congi was able to track down the owner because of the tiny initials J.T.M. that was engraved in the ring.

The ring was said to have been discovered by Congi last March and found out that the owner went on the same school he had attended.

According to reports, the ring had all the clues to track down the owner. It was written on the ring the “Class of 1938” and the initials of Mattos.

Congi personally delivered the ring to Mattos who has lived in Vallejo, California since 1940., reports said.

“I could’ve just mailed it to him, but I wanted to be the one to give it to him,” Congi said in a report.

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