Lost, blind dog finds owners in Alaska after being lost for one week

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A lost, blind dog finds its owners back in Alaska, despite the cold winter with below freezing temperature and walked around 16 kilometers away from home. The amazing dog, named Abby, around 8 years old, reportedly got lost on Wednesday, December 13, 2012, but was able to return home a week later.

Lost blind dog after returing home Alaska

Abby, the lost, blind dog, after returning to
owners in Alaska

Image Credit: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

According to Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on Monday, McKenzie Grapengeter, Abby’s owner, said that their short-haired brown-and-white mixed breed dog usually spends the afternoon sniffing around on their area at the Chena Hot Springs Road in Fairbanks, which is around 14 miles long.

As noted in the report, Grapengeter and her family have been searching within their neighborhood hoping to find Abby, until they received a call last Sunday, December 23. They learned that the dog returned and was temporarily living at the house of veterinarian Mark May, who lives near Nordale and Freeman Roads.

“Everybody just assumed it was some kind of scardey cat, but there it was in front of the door in our dog lot and it was blind. It was sitting there, all the way from 14 mile on the winter trail down into this neighborhood, I guess by just sniffing, so I picked it up and brought it in.” Mr. May was quoted in the report, noting that he Abby in front of his house last Thursday, December 20.

“It’s amazing. No frozen ears, no frozen toes, she’ll probably go back home and it’ll business as usual. She’s no worse for wear but quite an adventure.” The veterinarian added, noting that he saw the blind dog earlier but could not pick her up since he was with his dogs that time, hoping that the owners could find her.

But since the blind dog had no tag or microchip, Mr. May could not locate the Abby‘s owner, and that’s the time they shared her photo on Facebook, until the neighbors of the Grapengeters saw it and recognized that it was their lost, blind dog. It was reunited to its owners, just in time for the Christmas Day celebration.

“We’re so so grateful for all their hard work. This community is so amazing; we would have never seen her again if it wasn’t been for the people. They’ve given us the most amazing Christmas gift we could ever ask for and we are all so grateful to them.” McKenzie Grapengeter reportedly said.

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