Longest Tenured Coach, Jerry Sloan, Unexpectedly Resigns from Utah Jazz

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Jerry Sloan
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Longest tenured coach, Jerry Sloan, has unexpectedly resigned from Utah Jazz. This is in view of an apparent lack of interest to continue performing his job. The 23-year termed Utah coach has finally reached a decision. Coach Jerry Sloan announced his resignation in an emotional news conference last Thursday, February 10. The unexpected decision precipitated after the 91-86 loss last Wednesday to Chicago Bulls. Sloan allegedly did not like the way guard Deron Williams played which resulted in a dispute at halftime. But Sloan denied the speculations.

Jerry Sloan takes a Hall of Famer in the field of professional sports. He is the only NBA coach to win over a thousand games for a single team. Together with the resignation of the soon-to-be 69-year-old coach, Assistant Phil Johnson also resigns saying “I came with him and I’ll leave with him”.

Meanwhile, general manager Kevin O’Connor and Utah owner Greg Miller said they wanted him to stay. Even Williams whom coach Sloan had clashes with said he did not want Sloan to leave. O’Connor refuted the rumors circulating about Williams giving the team an ultimatum, “me or Sloan”, saying that the alleged reports were unfair and false.

When asked whether will move to another team, Sloan he said, “I’m not looking for another job. My wife has a job for me when I get home”.

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