Longest Kiss In History: Laksana Tiranarat And Husband Ekkachai Won The World’s Continuous Kiss Contest

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Laksana Tiranarat and Ekkachai Tiranarat
Longest Kiss In History Won By
Laksana Tiranarat and Ekkachai Tiranarat

Image Credit: AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong

Pattaya, ThailandLaksana Tiranarat and her husband Ekkachai reportedly won the World’s Continuous Kiss Contest held in Pattaya, southeastern Thailand. The couple set a new world record at 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds for the longest kiss in history as claimed by the organizers, international news reported.

The contest was organized by Pattaya’s Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks museum in celebration of Valentine’s Day which was held in a beach resort in Thailand. Fourteen couples agreed to join the contest, but only seven couples were determined to lock their lips for more than 36 hours.

Laksana Tiranarat and Ekkachai won the grand cash prize of 100,000 Baht ($3,213 dollar) and a diamond ring worth 50,000 Thai Baht (US$1,606). The longest kiss winner was announced early Tuesday.

According to Guinness, the previous world record was set in February 2009 by a couple in Germany with 32 hours, 7 minutes and 14 seconds.

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