Long Island serial killer Joel Rifkin ‘murder’ house for sale found a buyer

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Long Island serial killer Joel Rifkin ‘murder’ house that went on sale last May 2010 has finally found a buyer, despite knowing its dark history, according to Newsday.com on Friday, which was believed to have been the first one to break the news.

The creepy house, located at 1492 Garden St. in East Meadow, New York, where Joel Rifkin aka ‘Joel the Ripper’ grew up and allegedly murdered some of his victims on its basement, is being reported to be having a new owner soon, after several potential buyers have withdrawn their interest.

Laffey Fine Homes Manager and Realtor Greg Berkowitz told the news that the buyer of the two-storey, ranch-style house found the price reasonable enough and are happy to have it.

The white-painted house was built in 1952, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms was said to have been originally listed with an asking price of $424,500 but later went down by $75,000.

“It’s going to be closed on shortly; we are in the middle of the final process of clearing the appraisal.” Berkowitz was quoted as saying.

“They realize they are getting a good price on the house,” Berkowitz said, with the house price to be last known as $349,998, while the final price was not revealed.

“Every home has a buyer, just like every seat sits a person.” He added, who did not announce the identity of the buyers except that they are a childless couple.

Rifkin, 52, was arrested in June 23 when a dead woman found inside the trunk of his car when he was caught in a traffic violation.

He was convicted in 1994 of nine murders and now serving 203 years sentence in prison, who later admitted that he killed a total of 17 people.

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