Long Island Serial Killer, Craigslist Ripper, Still on the Loose

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Long Island Search
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The Long Island serial killer, now tagged as the Craigslist Ripper is still on the loose as New York cops continue to scour the area. Ten sets of human remains were found along the beaches of Long Island and clues point to a serial killer who had selected prostitutes from Craigslist.com as his victims, hence the label Craigslist Ripper. This was disclosed by International news sites, April 15 and 16, 2011.

Amanda Barthelemy, the sister of one of the victims, Melissa Barthelemy, said during an interview with ABC, that she received taunting calls from man, who identified himself as the killer of her sister.

A laptop which was previously used by one of the victims was also seized in the hope of obtaining some vital leads. Police are working also on the premise that there may be more than one killer.

The previous Long Island serial killer, Joel Rifkin, stated in a Newsday interview:

“My guess is it would be someone like a landscaper, contractor or a fisherman.”

Rifkin is presently sentenced to 203 years in a New York state penitentiary.

According to daily mail, policemen and people suspect that the killer is “smart”, and “may be a cop” or “someone in law enforcement.”

The Craigslist killer hunt is on. The ripper is still on the loose as the cops intensify the search for victims.

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