Loner leaves $7.4 million worth of gold coins in home garage

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A loner leaves $7.4 million worth of gold coins in his home garage in Carson City, Nevada, according to a report by the Washington Times on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

loner leaves $7.4 million

The home where loner Walter Samaszko Jr. leaves
$7.4 million worth of gold coins.

Image Credit: realtor.com

Reports say that the late Walter Samaszko Jr., a loner, left thousands of gold coins from Austria, Mexico and the United States.

The gold coins contained in several ammunition boxes were reportedly found by a crew that was asked to clean the house.

Authorities led by Alan Glover, the Carson City clerk and the public administrator of the estate, used a wheelbarrow to take out the treasure. Glover said that “There was every kind of coin you could think of.”

A judge reportedly declared on Tuesday that Arlene Magdanz, Samaszko‘s lone surviving cousin, will be the heir to his fortune. Reports say that Magdanz of San Rafael, California was traced by officials through a funeral bulletin.

Samaszko’s lifeless body was found by authorities in June after getting a call from the loner’s neighbors.

Authorities revealed that Samaszko left a bank account with $1,200, a money market and mutual fund valued at $165,000 when it was closed and a 1,200-square-foot house sold for $112,000.

Glover clarified that Samaszko “was not a coin collector. He was a gold investor.”

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