London’s Secret ‘Mail Rail’ Passages Have Been Revealed

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London's Secret 'Mail Rail' Passages Have Been Revealed

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London’s secret Underground ‘Mail Rail’ passages have been revealed. The Post Office Railway, also known as Mail Rail, was a driver-less underground railway in London built by the Post Office which aim to transport mail between sorting offices. Mail Rail construction was assisted by Underground Electric Railways Company of London. The Mail Rail was in operation from 3 December 1927 until 31 May 2003 according to Wikipedia.

The underground Mail Rail closed its operation due to the high cost of operation which is believed to be five times compared to the cost of land transportation.

London's Secret 'Mail Rail' Passages Have Been Revealed

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Many have tried to explore the Mail Rail but most of them failed. Recently, a group of urban explorers have documented their exploration of the tunnels through their webpage ( ‘silentuk‘ ) . Detailed photography revealed that the rail is still in good condition. The access of the group implies that the Mail Rail tunnels and station is not properly monitored and secured.

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