London Olympics 2012 wrong flag shown, South Korean flag instead of North Korea, organizer apologizes (Photo)

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The first day of competition of the London Olympics 2012 on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 was faced by a walk-out by the North Korean women’s football team, after South Korean flag was shown instead of North Korea, as shown in the photo below. The Olympics organizers apologized later.

South Korean flag beside North Korean football
player photo, before London Olympics 2012 match

Image Credit: James Crossan Twitter

According to BBC News that day, the “wrong flag” incident happened at Hampden Park stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, before the football match between North Korea and Colombia; as the scoreboard showed the flag of South Korea beside the photos of the North Korean players being introduced.

As noted in the report, the North Korean squad walked out when they learned about the mistake and the game was delayed for about an hour. They returned only after their names were announced again, and this time with their own flag being shown. North Korea eventually won, 2-0, 1 point in the first half and another in the second half.

“Our team was not going to participate unless the problem was solved properly. Unfortunately it took some time later for the broadcast to be done again properly and we made the decision to go on with the match.” North Korea‘s coach Sin Ui Gun was quoted in the report after the match.

“Our players cannot be shown especially with other flags, especially the South Korean one.” The North Korean coach added, with Olympics organizers later apologizing for the error and vowed to provide measures to avoid it from happening again; without revealing who was responsible for the mistake.

“The South Korean flag was shown in the video package on the screen before the kickoff and the North Koreans were naturally very upset about that. We have made a full apology to the team and the North Korean NOC. A genuine mistake was made for which we apologize.” London 2012 Olympics spokesman Andy Mitchell was quoted as saying.

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