Lolong Gets Monday Rest Day

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Lolong: Giant crocodile in the Philippines

Lolong the crocodile
Image Credit: AFP

Lolong, the crocodile caught in Bunawan, was given a rest day on Monday by Agusan del Sur officials to give the giant reptile relief from stress, according to reports by several local news sites on Monday, September 19, 2011.

The giant crocodile, caught alive in by residents of Bunawan, has not eaten due to stress since being captured.

Lolong is reportedly the world’s largest saltwater crocodile caught alive. The giant crocodile measuring about 20.1-feet long is now being monitored in a 30-hectare Bunawan ecopark.

The Bunawan ecopark opened its doors to visitors last Saturday, September 17. An entrance fees of P20 for adult and P15 for children is being collected and kept in a trust fund for the maintenance of the ecopark and for feeding Lolong. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities are allowed to enter the ecopark for free.

Earlier reports said that members of the Guinness World Records and National Geographic will be arriving in the area next week to visit the giant crocodile.

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