Lohan a no-show in court hearing

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Lindsay Lohan a no-show in court on Monday, January 7, 2013. Her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller explained that the 26-year-old actress will only appear in court when an accusatory document is filed.

Lindsay Lohan a no-show
Lindsay Lohan
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A Manhattan court reportedly scheduled a hearing on an alleged altercation between Lohan and Tiffany Ava Mitchell, a Palm Beach psychic at a New York City nightclub.

Heller said that the actress, who was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor assault against Mitchell last November 29, 2012, “never made any physical contact with the alleged victim.”

In a statement given to reporters, Atty. Heller further elaborates,

From my understanding, Lindsay was being approached by a fortune teller who sought to provide a reading to her and she politely said ‘I don’t want to participate’ and declined. You would think if [Mitchell] was a fortune teller, she would have been able to see this happening in advance. But obviously her skills weren’t that honed.

Other individuals became very aggressive. Lindsay Lohan did not commit any crime, she did not assault anyone, all she did is verbally request her privacy.

Despite Heller‘s pronouncement, Manhattan District Attorney‘s Office clarified that investigation is ongoing.

Lohan‘s lawyer signed all the necessary court documents in her behalf.

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