Lobster Golf Balls Worth 19 Cents Each To Be Used On Cruise Ships

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Lobster Golf Balls
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Lobster golf balls will soon be available on cruise ships as lobster shells will be used to manufacture biodegradable golf balls, according to several international sites.

According to earlier reports, a team of researchers, from a joint project by the University of Maine and The Lobster Institute, learned that golf balls can be manufactured using lobster shells.

The lobster golf ball will be manufactured by crushing and refining lobster shell and will be applied with a biodegradable binder and coating.

Reports say that manufacturing a lobster golf ball will cost less than 19 cents per ball.

Below is a statement of David Neivandt, a biological and chemical enginering professor from UMaine.

We’re using a byproduct of the lobster canning industry which is currently miserably underutilized — it ends up in a landfill. We’re employing it in a value-added consumer product which hopefully has some cachet in the market.


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