Liu Xiaobo Gets Standing Ovation for Nobel Peace Prize Award

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OSLO, NorwayLiu Xiabo may not be physically present to receive his Nobel Peace Prize, but he still managed to get a standing ovation when the announcement of the winner was made today, Friday, December 10, 2010, according to BBC News. As of posting, the awarding ceremony for the Nobel Peace Prize is still ongoing.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee has continued the awarding ceremony despite the Chinese government’s protest of giving the award to Liu.

Liu Xiaobo will not be able to receive his Nobel Peace prize because he is currently in jail in north-east China for political offenses against the Chinese government. China earlier campaigned to for the removal of Liu as this year’s winner.

Other international reports said that China had detained other activists that are supportive of Liu and that Western media are being prevented from covering the dissidents crackdown in China. More than a hundred cases of house arrest, including Liu‘s wife Liu Xia, hold departures orders, forced relocation and other forms of political harasments were being reported by international media.

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