Liquid Drop Art Photos Of Corrie White Capture Beauty In Water Droplets

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Corrie White, the person behind the website Liquid Drop Art (, captures the beauty of water droplets through her photographs. Her photos have been featured on Thursday, February 9, 2012 on the front page of Yahoo.

According to her official website, the photos were done manually with the use of a medicine dropper and a good sense of timing. Colors came from food dyes and various flash gels. Furthermore, the captured shapes are pure and unedited. The more complex forms are done by using Mumford’s Time Machine and the Drip Kit.

“My main interest is macro, especially the water drops. I have been able to create some unique forms in this field. Basically self-taught, I learned a lot from online tutorials and from the Flickr community,” White wrote on her Smugmug site.

Below are two of her photos featured on the Yahoo website:

Liquid Drop Art Photography by Corrie White
Lick It Up, Mick!
Credit: Corrie White

Liquid Drop Art Photography by Corrie White
Hula Dancer
Credit: Corrie White

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