Life-Size Barbie Used For Eating Disorder Awareness Visits Today Show

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Life-Size Barbie
Life-Size Barbie

To help build awareness to anorexia and other eating disorders, a life-size Barbie doll is being used, several international news sites reported on Tuesday.

The life-size Barbie was reportedly created by Galia Slayen for the first National Eating Disorders Awareness week in 2007 while she was in high school in Portland. It was originally made from chicken wire, wood and papier-mache.

Just recently, Slayen with her life-size Barbie doll visited the Today show on Monday. Slayen said that Barbie is not the only reason she had eating disorders. She said that other factors such as media can also contribute to an eating disorder.

“I’m not blaming Barbie [for my illness] — she’s one small factor, an environmental factor. I’m blond and blue-eyed and I figured that was what I was supposed to look like. She was my idol. It impacted the way I looked at myself, ” Slayen was quoted saying.

Below is the video of the Today show featuring Slayen and her life-size Barbie.

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